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Saturday, January 24, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Valkyrie Wright, Attorney at Law

Coming to an accursed flame gem near you.

I won't linger any longer, and head straight into Valkyrie Profile. The game is based on Norse mythology, lots of different ways to see people die (not just on YouTube) and a plot I cannot claim to comprehend. Nonetheless we have today two runs from Josh 'funkdoc' Ballard, the first is a Single Segment B Ending on Easy difficulty, clocking at 0:52:20, a 3:33 minutes improvement. The second one is the A Ending done in 2:27:47, also in Single Segment, and is an 8:17 minutes improvement.

Mega Man X2 has a much easier to understand plot; blow up X-Hunters, collect Zero's body parts, fight off Sigma and save the world until the next money-milking sequel which any lawyer will be happy to represent. Tyler 'Trogdor' Sykes improves his previous run from just half a year ago by 27 seconds, clocking in at 0:33:23, Single Segment.

Even easier plots you say? How about Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, where you punch your way to become the next world boxing champion. Can't be easier. Actually such easy plots are boring in attorney-speak so I will have to spice things up. 'sinister1' carelessly pummels unsuspecting fellow contestants with inferior hairdos and chic to become the supreme serial-basher in 0:16:27.54, Single Segment, a 6.32 tick amelioration over his previous reign of terror from last March.

On a side note a recent discussion had sparked in the forums with regards to SDA's future, in particular many people have suggested ideas that can help SDA moving forwards and discussions are under way. The staff are checking the thread and taking on board ideas, and you too can suggest! Visit the topic here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Magical Bloodbath

Oh hi! How was your New Year's? I was at the hospital. You remember? After my accident? No? Hangover you say? Guess you're in no better shape than I am.

Nonetheless we are in better shape than those in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Drugs, guns and more depressed people than those in your local bar are what you'll find in this noir-styled game. Daniel 'gtaaa175PL' Strumpf resurfaces to beat another level from the NYM mode, this time the finale of the game, Woden's Manor cont'd (3-8), 18.52 seconds faster: 0:00:50.03.

It's hard not to be excited when 'gammadragon' pops in with a new speedrun, and today is no different. Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen is the first of a two-part series that sees a new set of adventurers travel to the land of Xeen and defeat Lord Xeen who is wrecking havoc. 'gammadragon' does a very quick job (look at his typing speed!) to dispose of Lord Xeen in 0:08:32, Single Segment on the Warrior difficulty.

After the long gruesome battle between you and the enemy, lots of dead bodies, pools of blood and empty guns are left behind. In Viscera Cleanup Detail you are the janitor who has to clean up said mess because nobody else is going to do this. The actual game is still in Early Access, but we do have runs for two additional spin-off titles that came from it. VCD: Santa's Rampage sees you cleaning up after Santa got more guns than in any Max Payne games, and went ballistic in his workshop. Christian 'ShadowDraft' Moll doesn't clean up anything except what the in-game monitor checks for and finishes this game in a mere 0:00:54. In VCD: Shadow Warrior we see the aftermath of Lo Wang's katana battle in the Collector's Temple, and 'ShadowDraft' again ignores his ACTUAL JOB he was PAID to do and instead picks up the scattered 2 million dollars in 0:01:59.

Sunday, January 18, 2015 by ShadowWraith

Awesome Games Done Quick Done. Quick.

As the curtain closes on this chapter of AGDQ, I find myself wondering just how much bigger these events will get. I'm pretty sure we're going to hit a critical mass of awesome sometime in the next year or two if things keep up. I was amazed last year when we broke the big 1 mill, but crushing that by over 50% and raising over 1.5 million dollars for charity? Damn. Mad props to Games Done Quick, SpeedrunsLive, the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and every speedrunner, organiser, sponsor, volunteer, donator and viewer that made this incredible event happen. You guys are every bit as awesome as AGDQ's name implies.

But that's enough sentimentality outta me. If you were unlucky, unfortunate or busy enough to miss out on some of the amazing speedruns from the event, High Quality run videos from the marathon are making their way on to the Games Done Quick youtube channel, so now's chance to get caught up! So do it.

Until next time.

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